We all have trauma, hurts, or wounds from our past, yet many don’t realize the lasting effect they may have on the present if left unhealed.

Often we bury the past, ignore the hurts, or are stuck living in pain. Anxiety, fear, worry, depression, and even physical issues all can result from these past events. You don’t have to live this way. It’s not just the way “you are.” Often, it is trauma response or unhealed wounds. We respond out of our past experiences, rather than the truth of God’s Word and who we are in Christ. We live with reactions based on past experiences, rather than responses based on Truth.

Learn how to process the past properly with Jesus, break generational patterns, and live the abundant life He has called you to live. Healing and freedom are not only possible, they are yours already in Jesus.

Spend the morning learning from the Word what God says about our true identity as a child of God, as well as hearing from those who have been on the healing journey.

Receive tools for freedom. There will also be time for prayer ministry for anyone who needs it, in the afternoon.

Topics will include:

  • Trauma and past hurts
  • Symptoms of trauma response
  • Living in victory and not a victim mindset
  • Breaking generational sins and patterns
  • Ending reactions based on fear, and instead responding by the Spirit

ALL Women are Welcome! Questions? Contact Karend@gracebiblechapelnj.org or 908-799-8001

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