Grace Ranch Camp

Grace Ranch Camp is a hands-on non-riding camp for children K-6th grade.  Children will learn horse handling and basic care through hands-on activities, inspiring lessons, and fun games with our herd of minis!  We will have music, Bible lessons, games, crafts and missions time too.  Space is limited.

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Sunday Morning

Children’s Church

Children age 3 – 5th grade experience an engaging time of teaching, fun and ministry during our 10:00am worship hour.

Special Events

Throughout the year special events are held for the greater Chester community and Chapel families – make sure to follow our social media feeds for events as they happen!

Children Bible School


Nursery care is available during our Worship Service for infants to 2 year olds.

Who We Are


Since 1960 our Family Ministries Team has been a group of passionate, dedicated and continually maturing persons who equip kids for kingdom living through a loving experience of God as Father, Jesus as Lord and the Holy Spirit as Guide. Specifically, we pursue this mission through accessible biblical truth, intentional recreation, meaningful relationships and age-relevant spiritual experiences.

In honor of our mission at the Chapel and for the sake of our community the FMT has three goals:

  • Create an atmosphere of engagement that is safe from harm, accessible to our community and formative for a life of faith in Jesus.
    1. We will be a team of people who heal trauma rather than create it, and so we will value the safety of our children as priority one. Safety is the first thing we talk about when planning. If we cannot do something safely, we don’t do it at all. We deny evil opportunity.
    2. Children will be welcomed regardless of their social background, the lifestyles of their parent(s) or their existing worldview. Without affirming the lies of the world we will love the people who may have believed them and the children being shaped by them.
    3. Our focus is eternal. What we do on Sunday the world should not be able to replicate on Monday – if they can, something is wrong. The message of truth and freedom from a loving, almighty Father, a faithful and powerful Son and an equipping, personal Holy Spirit will be up front, on point and without deviation at all times.
  • Help children encounter God in personally meaningful ways.
    1. We believe the point of the Bible is to know its Author.[1] The Family Ministries of Grace Bible Chapel will facilitate life-changing rather than fact-sharing kingdom work.
    2. We will help every child find their place in God’s story and be able to articulate that identity in age-relevant ways. We will not divorce our teaching of the Bible from our living by its truth nor will we substitute sharing content as replacement for shaping lives. We will teach the Bible not as what people once did but what God is still doing.
    3. Every child at the Chapel will creatively, consistently and compassionately be invited into a destiny-defining decision to embrace the gospel in all of its truth.


  • Help children experience truth-infused life.
    1. We will help children process their experiences in the context of truth. Every child at the Chapel should have their destiny shaped by what Jesus has done for them rather than what someone has done to them. From scary dreams to new schools to moments of loss children at the Chapel will always be encouraged to speak with God, be blessed by Jesus and led by the Spirit in the nurture of true community. Our primary aim in ministry to children is to prevent attachment to the lies that will destroy them as adults and root them in the truth that will lead them and others into the kingdom of light. More simply, we speak truth over children. We are aggressive in our pursuit that every child at the Chapel has their formation and identity given to them by God, and accomplish this through our actions of biblical teaching, constructive play, healthy relationships and spiritual experiences attune to their age and faith. We have a major focus on helping children separate truth from lie.
    2. We will take seriously the revelation of God’s word which clearly demonstrates that children can receive the blessings of God,[2] generational harm,[3] spiritual oppression [4] and the faith of the kingdom.[5] What God says about this we believe about this, and therefore, in concert with parental support, take action in the Name of Jesus to bless their lives, guard their minds, free their choices and further their faith.
    3. We help children hear age-appropriate, content-sensitive and carefully vetted testimony from others designed to help children answer for themselves questions about the love of God, the power of Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is that the problems children may see in their own homes become points of hope from the homes of others.

The Three Foundational Lies, Three Core Actions

Focus Reminder: Our primary aim in ministry to children is preventing attachment to the lies that will destroy them as adults. Before they become their lies we help kids live into truth.[6]

What They Hear What We Will Do
I am helpless

Demonstrate the choices in a child’s life and create opportunities of agency.

Chapel Kids Are Empowered

I am worthless

Help children find their value proclaimed in God through experiences of worth offered by us.

Chapel Kids Are Celebrated

I am unlovable

Resolve emotional and spiritual obstacles in accepting the gospel and encountering God.

Chapel Kids Are Understood and Accepted

[1] Jn. 5:36-40

[2] Pv. 20:7, Mk. 10:16; Acts 2:15-21

[3] Ex. 20:5, Lev. 26:39-41

[4] Mt. 17:14-21 or Mk 9:14-29; Acts 16:16-18

[5] Lk. 18:15-17

[6] Three Core Lies – IF Gathering 2019