Old Beginnings

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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 


Beginnings belong to God.


If we want to experience a new direction in life we must surrender to the One who made it.


The creative power of change does not occur from the genius of human intellect or the magnitude of personal will but exclusively through the humility of the beloved soul. In this moment we yearn for a return to life as we knew it – if only it was what it used to be, we say, all would be well. But part of what we mean to say is that we are anxious about who we might have to become and comprehend neither the means nor the outcome of the becoming. Much talk speaks of contextual change but what we need is spiritual transformation. What we need is not for a return of what was but an arrival of what could be.


Now this is an impossible hope from the perspective of the world, which has nothing but its weary self and tired lies upon which it frequently leans as a source of hollow strength. But this is entirely possible – yes certain – in the kingdom and kinship of God, because God can create without the limitations of what came before since there is nothing before Him. In other words the panic which surrounds us in this moment leads us to imagine life better in the past. But we don’t need the past. We need the One who can make the future out of nothing. When the world sees that all has been taken away, there is nothing left. There can’t be any hope because hope requires the future, but there can’t be any future because for the world the future requires using what is available from the past. Therefore when the todays of the world are disrupted the tomorrows appear destroyed because all they have are yesterdays.


Not so in Jesus of Nazareth.


Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:2)


For the joy ahead. Tomorrow. The future. Living with the Father in the home of hope where we discover that the same Jesus who knew the Father could do anything is the same Jesus who did everything. From His assurance of the Father came the action which brought life to us and rightful glory to Him. See the world cannot do this – it cannot take what has been lost and live into being found. But that is precisely the Christian journey, one in which we lose the world and obtain heaven, one in which tomorrow doesn’t need today to go well because it has the One who is already perfect. Our confidence is not that in a spirit of arrogance we will overcome and rebuild and do more and greater unhindered in our relentless pursuit of achieving victory over our insecurity. No. Our confidence is that all such striving must meet the Jesus who paid the price, finished the work, obtained the kingdom. We do not need things to be ok. We need to be ok with things. Contentment requires no particular context. It only needs the right Person.


We have been raised in American society to pursue always what is new. And now we find that same society in total but predictable chaos because it is yearning for what used to be, what is in the past, what is old. So we are confused because what we have been told to strive for (the future) has proven a future no one wanted, and what we now are told to remember as better (the past) we are neither equipped to do as a culture nor is possible to do as human beings since we must be in the present. So our options feel either anxious or impossible. But those are earthly options that do not consider our spiritual reality. In that reality the God who makes beginnings requires nothing except Himself to complete such a task.


That is the God we have.

And will have.

And whom we cannot lose.


So yearn not for what was nor fret for what could be but have faith in Him who always is.


He is still making.

May we be found willing.




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